TEAM Plus Bullet Liner


Bullet Liner is the highest quality coating on the market.

Bullet Liner's History:
Utilizing advanced chemistry and seasoned ingenuity, Bullet Liner technology has been developed and perfected over 30 years.  Its rich history in protective coatings validates its commitment to producing the highest quality coating on the market today. Bullet Liner is not only tested in laboratory conditions, but utilizes the harshest outdoor conditions possible.

Bullet Liner stands Burtin Polymer Laboratories (BPL), one of the foremost authorities in research, development, and commercialization of polyurethane systems produced for commercial roofing, commercial and residential insulation, flotation, adhesives, packaging, spray elastomers and custom molding products.

Recently launched, its
Bullet Liner products are primarily used for pickup truck beds, tailgates, wheel wells and other similar vehicle protection applications.

Also, part of the impressive line of Burtin Polymer Labs products is Foametix
® Spray Foam Insulation, which is a series of light density, polyurethane spray-applied foam insulation systems designed for residential and commercial / industrial building applications.

BPL continues to develop some of the very few blast mitigation products tested and approved by the US Military and utilized by the United States government in the refurbishment of the Pentagon after the 9/11 attacks.

All Burtin Polymer Labs formulas are proprietary where strict quality controls are implemented using only the finest chemical ingredients and the most sophisticated processing equipment in the industry at their 14-acre, state of the science facility in Cartersville, GA, with warehousing and service operations located across the U.S.

Bullet Liner's High Caliber Protection:

As a spray on liner it forms a sealed finish that is impervious to every type of extreme use and weather condition.  It has been tested on Race and Chase vehicles in the prestigious Baja 1000 and in sub-zero conditions throughout the wilderness of Alaska.

Its permanent bond characteristics have the added benefit of fade resistance due to its superior UV protection which helps maintain its signature high gloss finish. 

When sprayed, Bullet Liner's high tensile strength material forms a perfect fit that contours to the shape of your truck bed.  This bond creates a barrier from moisture, rust and corrosion for the life of your vehicle.  It is resistant to most chemicals making it perfect for use in industrial applications. Bullet Liner also has excellent sound dampening qualities and comes in multiple colors.


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